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My concept

After 20 years of company life with suits, airplanes and boardrooms, Calanques Consulting was born early 2023 with the idea to start an exciting new chapter in my life by doing what I like and do best. By looking back at my career, I found that its red line has been relying around 2 main activities: solving scientific problems in order to commercialise new products as well as support young team members to perform at their best. In the end through this very simple reflection I discovered what really mattered in my life and I was able to pinpoint my main 2 driving forces in my life: a passion for both science and the outdoors.

After this conclusion, I tried to boil my passion down to one combined business relying on the following complementarities: science and fun, chemistry and psychology, catalysts and nature and finally consulting and coaching.  While all these complementarities need 2 different words, they’re actually closely related. Unfortunately to my knowledge only in the Dutch language the term “natuurkunde” or natural science is able to bring my 2 passions together in one word.

Calanques Consulting combines these 2 by providing services in both polyolefins consulting and personal coaching while being in nature. While result-driven, my aim is to have fun in the process as my fundamental belief is that you’ll achieve better results while being happier. “Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination” (by Roy M. Goodman).

The consulting part revolves around applying my experience in big petrochemical majors to help solving problems of emerging companies in the area of polyolefins. While all of our clients identities remain confidential, they span the full range of the value chain from catalyst producers to resin manufacturers and even plastic convertors, from start-up’s to global multinationals.

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Besides the consulting part I deliberately chose to explore a 2nd leg based on helping especially young and starting employees struggling to find their way in Fortune 500 companies after exiting university. Having gone through several painful setbacks during my own professional life, I want to share my experience to prevent others from going through the same misery. The basic concept for this coaching part also relies on 2 “principles”: first and foremost simply healing by being outside, relying on the beauty, power and endless energy of nature. Secondly my personal input is to help you finding yourself as well as your place in a company or a new environment by finding your way in nature, removing obstacles, taking different turns and even turning around to find a better way.

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